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FAQ Alpharetta, GA

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is a product that is taking the detailing industry by storm, gone are the days of waxing, ceramic coating chemically bonds to your paints surface to provide unmatched hydrophobics and dirt repellency for years at a time. See here for more information.

What is Paint Protection Film (PPF)?

XPEL PPF is setting the bar higher and higher each year, in automotive protection products. PPF, a clear self-healing film, can provide a physical barrier between your precious car and the day to day wear is sees while being driven. Mile crunching commuter, track car or pristine exotic, PPF provides the protection you need. See here for more information.

What is Paint Correction?

Paint correction is the process of physically removing, an immeasurable amount of your paints clear coat, to smooth out deep scratches and remove entirely light scratching and swirls. Not filling them in with a wax or glaze, but physically polishing the surface down to restore smooth, unblemished paint. See here for more information.

How long will ceramic coating last?

As accredited installers of Gtechniq products we specialize in their full line up of paint coatings. These coatings can range from 2 years to 9 years of guaranteed lifespan. Under proper coating maintenance and care, you can see fantastic results, wash after wash, for many years. No need to reapply, wax or polish. See here for more information.

How long will PPF last?

PPF technology has improved drastically in the last decade. As certified installers of XPEL Paint Protection Film, all of our PPF services are backed by a manufacturer guaranteed 10 year life span warranty. Should you notice any degradation in the film in this time, you can give us a call, and we will have it taken care of for you.

Will ceramic coating affect the look of my paint?

Ceramic coating does not typically affect the look and finish of your paint. Paint correction is what is needed to improve your paints gloss and appearance. Ceramic coating merely provides chemical resistance, water repellency and will aid in maintaining your paints luster from UV and chemical exposure. Gtechniq Ultra ceramic coating has shown evidence of improved depth and gloss on some vehicles, depending on the paint type and colour.

Can I not just repaint or correct my paint every few years instead of installing PPF?

Yes, you certainly can. However, for a high quality repainting of any of your vehicles exterior you will need to be prepared to pay upwards of a few thousand, to potential over $10,000 for a total repaint job! Paint protection film is an investment for your investment. Protect your vehicles paint with PPF now, enjoy unmatched physical protection and peace of mind for years, and should you wish to have it removed or replaced, you would be looking at a service in the $800-2000 range, depending, versus an extremely costly repaint job. You could opt to have your paint corrected every few years instead, however your paint is finite. It cannot be corrected, polished and waxed forever. Eventually your paint integrity could become so compromised that your only option left is to repaint your vehicle.

What is the point of coating over PPF?

PPF and Ceramic Coating are two different products, with two different roles, providing different results. PPF, provides a physical barrier, protecting against rock chips, road debris and even full on impact. Ceramic coating provides hydrophobics, dirt and grime repellency and ease of wash maintenance unlike any wax or glaze on the market. PPF is not inherently hydrophobic, and Ceramic Coating does not protect against rock chips and scratches. The best option? Do both. Ceramic coating on a vehicle with PPF installed is the best of both worlds and will leave you satisfied wash after wash for many years.
How long does this process take? Typically, depending on which services you wish to have performed, we can take care of your car within 1-3 days.

Is Ceramic Coating only for paint?

Gtechniq, and in turn Atlanta Ceramic Coating and PPF, offers protective products for every surface and substrate of your vehicle. Painted exterior parts, glass, textured plastics, engine bay plastics, wheels, brake calipers, leather seating, carpets, dashes and door cards. We’ve got it all. You want it protected, we have an option for you.