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Paint Correction Alpharetta, GA

Car Paint Correction

Have you noticed swirls or scratches in your car’s paint? Car paint correction can safely and effectively remove these minor imperfections. You can do the work yourself, but you can get better results by trusting a professional. Atlanta Ceramic Coating and PPF are experts who specialize in the latest paint correction techniques. Your car can look like new in a short amount of time.

How Car Paint Correction Works

The process for car paint correction can be broken down into multiple stages. Before car paint correction begins, your car may need to be washed to remove surface contaminants. A clay bar is used to smooth the surface of any remaining contaminants.

Our expert technicians then apply a two-step polishing compound to remove scratches. Areas that require special attention are buffed and polished to a superior shine. Most car paint corrections can be done within 24 to 48 hours.

Benefits of Car Paint Correction

Car paint correction can increase the longevity of your car’s paint and the resale value of your vehicle. This service can reduce spider webbing and improve color depth and clarity. Water spots and etching are removed for a smooth shine.

Paint correction may be necessary prior to applying ceramic coating. If scratches are not removed, they may become more noticeable with a glossier or matte finish. With paint protection film, polishing minor imperfections may not be necessary. Deep scratches will need paint correction before applying the paint protection film.

Restore Your Car with Paint Correction

Paint correction can help restore your car from everyday damage while driving. At Atlanta Ceramic Coating and PPF, we use the highest quality equipment and products to restore your vehicle. With over a decade of serving satisfied customers in the Atlanta Metro area, you can trust us to get the job done right the first time. Schedule an appointment for car paint correction to reinvigorate your vehicle today.