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Window Tint Alpharetta, GA

Get the ultimate privacy and safety with window tint from Atlanta Ceramic Coating and PPF.

If you want the highest performance and protection from your window tint, you should invest in a ceramic window film like XPEL Prime tint. Ceramic window tint produces the desired results in any shade.

Discover the most cutting-edge ceramic window film technology available with lifelong protection.

XPEL Window Tint for Cars and Trucks

There are several benefits to tinting your vehicle’s windows with XPEL Prime window tint. For example, it protects your skin and the interior materials of your auto, like the seats and dashboard. It can also protect you in an accident by holding the glass together if it breaks.

XPEL window tint for cars and trucks also makes driving safer by lowering glare, which can generate blind spots that endanger pedestrians. Plus, you get better gas mileage because you can reduce your air conditioner use.

While there are many reasons to have your auto tinted, you want to find a reputable installer to do the job. Your vehicle is a valuable asset that should only be left to certified technicians who back their work with manufacturer warranties.

A lifetime warranty covers our XPEL window tint to ensure your vehicle’s windows look their best for a long time.

Highest Quality Ceramic Window Tint

XPEL Prime tint is the highest quality ceramic window tint available.

If you want the finest protection and performance in a window film, then the XPEL Prime tint ceramic window film from Atlanta Ceramic Coating and PPF is your best bet. A ceramic tint of this caliber can effectively block UV and infrared energy from the sun.

High-Level UV and Infrared Energy Reduction

When it comes to your health and vehicle maintenance, UV and infrared energy reduction matters. This is why you want the highest level of protection possible when choosing a tint for your car.

The benefits of having the highest quality tint installed include the following:

  • It can reduce interior temperatures by up to 96% because it reflects infrared light.
  • It cuts glare by up to 95% and protects the eyes from UV radiation, which can be harmful.
  • It reflects 99% of the UV rays that can damage your skin, so you and your family will be safe while traveling during the day. XPEL window tint has been awarded the Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Recommendation, signifying that the product is an excellent aid for avoiding skin damage that can lead to skin cancer.

However, you must hire a reputable company to tint your windows if you want professional results.

When you need your car to look its best, turn to Atlanta Ceramic Coating and PPF for high-quality tinting. Our certified technicians have been trained in the right ways to prepare and install tints on cars and trucks. Contact us for more information about our window tinting service or to request a quote.