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Ceramic Coating for Bicycles Alpharetta, GA

Ceramic Coating for Bicycles

Just like cars, bicycles can be damaged from road debris and other environmental elements. Ceramic coating protects bicycles from grime and water or lubricant stains. Every part of your bicycle can be coated and protected for approximately two or three years. Whether you have a gloss or matte finish, you can spend more time enjoying your ride than cleaning it!

Advantages of Ceramic Coating for Bicycles

Ceramic coating offers several advantages for bicycles. The coating consists of a liquid polymer that bonds with the paint to guard against scratches from all types of road debris. Hydrophobic properties bead up dirt and dead insects or bird droppings to allow them to easily be wiped away. Ceramic coating also provides a protective barrier to shield the paint from the damaging ultraviolet rays from the sun. If you decide to have the coating removed or replaced, it will not damage the original paint.

As Gtechniq ceramic coating authorized dealers, Atlanta Ceramic Coating and PPF uses the highest quality products in the industry to protect your bicycle. Many other products on the market only provide a temporary solution to protect paint but can quickly wear away. These other products may also be ineffective against scratches and stains and must constantly be reapplied. Ceramic coating lasts for years and is backed by a manufacturer warranty for peace of mind.

Protect Your Bicycle with Professional Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating can be an excellent investment for your bicycle for years to come. Atlanta Ceramic Coating and PPF will help you protect your bicycle from harm. Our expert technicians have over a decade of experience serving our satisfied customers all throughout the Atlanta Metro area. You can trust us to treat your bicycle with the utmost care so you can enjoy a smooth and shiny ride for years to come. Schedule an appointment for ceramic coating for your bicycle today.