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Norcross Ceramic Coating for Cars

If you are seeking professional ceramic coating application service for your car in the Norcross area, turn to specialists at Atlanta Ceramic Coating and PPF. Has your car’s paint lost its shine? As soon as you drive your car off the dealership lot, your car is exposed to numerous elements. These potential hazards can cause significant damage to your car’s paint surface. The sun’s ultraviolet rays break down your paint and expose the metal underneath. Gravel and rocks can create minor imperfections. Ceramic coating for cars provides a protective barrier to keep your car looking newer, longer.

When it comes to ceramic coating for cars, you can trust our expert technicians at Atlanta Ceramic Coating and PPF, the Norcross area. We offer the highest quality ceramic coating products in the industry. Our expert technicians have worked on thousands of cars with stellar results. Visit our locations near Norcross to learn more about our customizable ceramic coating packages.

What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating consists of titanium dioxide and silica that forms a hydrophobic shield. Contaminants bead up and glide off to keep your car’s paint fresh and easy to clean. Unlike traditional wax and sealants, ceramic coating does not need to constantly be reapplied. The semi-permanent barrier can last for approximately seven years with minimal maintenance. The ceramic coating used at Atlanta Ceramic Coating and PPF is backed by a manufacturer warranty against any product defects.

Ceramic coating can be applied to any interior or exterior surface of your vehicle. You can choose to coat the entire surface or specific areas that are prone to the biggest impact. Ceramic coating is completely safe for your car’s paint. It will not cause damage if it needs to be removed or replaced.

How Long Does Ceramic Coating Installation Take?

Most ceramic coating installations can be performed within a few days. Vehicles with minimal defects may be able to be done the same day. Darker vehicles may require more polishing time and take longer to complete. If the vehicle has extensive paint defects, these will need to be corrected before ceramic coating work can begin. When you bring your Norcross vehicle in for a ceramic coating application, the technician can give you a rough estimate on how long the process will take.

What Does Ceramic Coating Installation Entail?

Ceramic coating installation requires a detailed process to achieve optimal results. Before ceramic coating can be applied, the paint surface must be free of any contaminants and blemishes. Professional ceramic coating services wash, clay bar and machine polish the surface before any work begins.

Once the surface is properly prepped, the ceramic coating is applied one panel at a time in order to achieve the right consistency. When ceramic coating is combined with paint protection film, your car becomes equipped with a superior barrier to help prevent accidental and expensive damage.

Ceramic Coating Maintenance

Once your car receives its ceramic coating, there are a few things you can do to help maintain it for optimal results. Ceramic coating can take a few weeks to completely cure to its full strength. Use gentle soaps when washing at home or touchless car washes to get your car clean. Use a microfiber mitt designed specifically for auto care when applying soap and avoid aggressive scrubbing. Regular annual maintenance inspections will help ensure the ceramic coating lasts as long as possible.

Professional Norcross Ceramic Coating Experts

Protect your vehicle by contacting Atlanta Ceramic Coating and PPF today. Our highly specialized technicians have proudly served Norcross residents for over a decade. As a Gtechniq Authorized Dealer, we will install the best ceramic coating product in the industry on your vehicle. Several ceramic coating packages are available to meet your customized needs. If you live in Norcross or the neighboring area, book an appointment to protect your car today!