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Paint Protection Film

Car Paint Protection Film (PPF)

The moment you purchase your vehicle and drive it off the dealership lot, your car is vulnerable to numerous potential hazards. Abrasive road debris and weather conditions can cause harm to your car’s paint. Sun fading, scratches from rocks and harsh chemicals slowly eat away the paint and expose the metal underneath. This damage is expensive to repair and drives down the value of your car. Car paint protection film (PPF) from Atlanta Ceramic Coating and PPF helps preserve your investment so you can enjoy your car for years to come.

What is Car Paint Protection Film?

Car paint protection film protects your vehicle from unsightly scratching and chipping from road debris and chemicals. It also forms an invisible barrier to prevent fading from UV exposure. Contaminants and liquids easily glide off to make cleaning and maintenance easier. Paint Protection Film can be applied to the entire vehicle or to specific areas that need it the most.

Waxing and sealants are temporary and must be constantly reapplied to protect your car’s paint. These solutions are ineffective at protecting your car from paint chipping from debris. Paint protection film offers more permanent solutions to protect your car for many years to come. It can be removed and reinstalled without harming the paint. When you have paint protection film professionally installed by Atlanta Ceramic Coating and PPF, you will receive a 10-year manufacturer warranty against any defects.

Benefits of Paint Protection Film for Cars and Trucks

The self-healing technology behind paint protection film for cars and trucks helps repair scratches and dents using heat from the sun or your vehicle’s engine. No matter how careful you are, you may not be able to prevent stains or chemicals from leaving a yellowish tint to the paint. Paint protection film powerfully resists stains and grime to keep your car or truck shiny and clean. Protecting the paint on your car or truck can increase its resale value and reduce regular maintenance costs. To learn more about the benefits of paint protection film for cars and trucks, visit the following links:

Protecting your car’s paint is one of the best investments you can make for your vehicle. If you desire, you can combine paint protection film with ceramic coating to form the ultimate shield to preserve your vehicle. At Atlanta Ceramic Coating and PPF, we offer several packages to fit the best needs of your particular car.

Why Choose Atlanta Ceramic Coating and PPF for Paint Protection Film?

At Atlanta Ceramic Coating and PPF, we are authorized XPEL Paint Protection Film Dealers and installers. This revolutionary product is considered to be the best in the industry for protecting your paint from anything it might encounter while your car is on the road. The clear finish will not change the color of your paint or damage your car if you want it removed or replaced.

Our technicians are certified in the latest preparation and installation techniques to ensure the job gets done the right the first time. Atlanta Ceramic Coating and PPF owner Evan Morris trains other shop owners on how to apply the film. We use a computerized system that cuts a custom design specific to your vehicle’s shape and size for the best fit.

High Performance Paint Protection Film Services for Cars and Trucks

When it comes to paint protection film installation, it is important to choose an expert technician who works with high quality products. At Atlanta Ceramic Coating and PPF, we have been successfully serving Atlanta Metro residents for the past decade. Our technicians use state-of-the-art equipment and the highest quality products to make your car look its best. Schedule an appointment today.

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