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A Holiday Gift Card Makes a Great Christmas or Hanukkah Present!

Atlanta Ceramic Coating and PPF Specialists

Your brand-new auto is at the mercy of your surrounding environment the moment you drive it off the dealership lot. Road debris and abrasive chemicals can instantly cause unsightly damage. Every moment spent in the sun causes the factory paint to become dull and faded. Bird droppings and road tar forms a sticky mess that can eat away at your paint. Rocks and gravel could mar your paint and make it difficult to keep your auto clean.

Protect your valuable asset with the help of Atlanta Ceramic Coating and PPF specialists. With ceramic coating and paint protection film, you can keep your auto looking brand new with little maintenance or waxing. Atlanta Ceramic Coating and PPF provides exceptional customer service and high-quality products to help your auto look its best.

A Holiday Gift Card Makes a Great Christmas or Hanukkah Present!

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What Sets Atlanta Ceramic Coating and PPF Apart?

Selecting the right ceramic coating and paint protection services is crucial for achieving the best results possible. Trying to do the work yourself can lead to expensive damage that may be impossible to repair. When looking for a ceramic coating and paint protection installer, make sure to investigate their work, and ask for several estimates from contractors. A reputable installer will have an excellent customer service record and offer warranties.

Atlanta Ceramic Coating and PPF technicians are certified in meticulous preparation and installation techniques with Gtechniq ceramic coating. Every vehicle receives a precise fit and finish that is invisible to the naked eye. The highest quality products and equipment are used to protect your auto against the hazards of everyday driving. Ceramic coating packages and paint protection film are backed with manufacturer warranties to ensure your auto stays looking its best.

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Why Professional Ceramic Coating Matters?

There are many ceramic coating products on the market that require you to do the work yourself. However, you may not achieve the best results. Ceramic coating application requires thorough preparation beforehand. Professional ceramic coating services wash and decontaminate your car or truck and use professional techniques to smooth surfaces and remove embedded contaminants leaving paint smooth to the touch. We also use dual action polishers that polish the vehicle so that the ceramic coating effectively adheres.

Ceramic coating also requires precise motions during application. Otherwise, there may be issues with consistency across the entire surface. Panels are coated and buffed one at a time to ensure an even covering. Professional ceramic coating technicians have the knowledge and experience to prevent streaks and hazing and deliver optimal results.

Atlanta Ceramic Coating and PPF Services

Atlanta Ceramic Coating and PFF offers several services to help your auto stay clean and shiny. Polishing services can restore your car's luster. Ceramic coating helps your auto repel grime and harsh chemicals that can damage your paint. To maintain your auto’s shine long term, XPEL Paint Protection Film provides unmatched physical protection against road debris and scratching, while providing built in self-healing properties that mitigate wear over time and allow scratches to repair themselves.

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Our technicians will help you determine the best service options for your car’s needs. Our products are backed by warranties to ensure you receive the best service possible. As certified Gtechniq and XPEL authorized dealers, we use the highest quality products and equipment in the industry to help your car look its best.

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