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3 Advantages of Ceramic Coating for Your Vehicle Alpharetta, GA
Car service worker applying nano coating on a car detail

If you desire to keep your vehicle clean, you may be constantly washing and waxing. Striving to keep it shining and easy to clean. Ceramic coating can keep your car cleaner for longer by forming a protective barrier against grime and road debris. This special application chemically bonds to your car’s paint to provide unmatched hydrophobics and aid in preventing fading from UV and chemical exposure. Here are three advantages ceramic coating can give you with it comes to your vehicle.

Extend the Lifespan of Your Vehicle’s Paint

A high-quality ceramic coating for your vehicle can protect its paint for many years. Gtechniq Ultra, a pro-level ceramic coating only available to Gtechniq Accredited installers, provides up to 9 years of guaranteed protection and performance. Waxes, glazes, and sealants typically only last for a few weeks or months before degrading. As a Gtechniq Accredited Installer, Atlanta Ceramic Coating and PPF is able to provide ceramic coating packages that come with manufacturer-backed warranties to give you additional peace of mind.

Cost-Effective Protection

Ceramic coating for your vehicle saves you money over the long run. You may pay more upfront, but it can help prevent chemical damage that is expensive to repair. It will also save you time and money on frequent detailing and wax applications.

Ceramic Coating Increases Your Vehicle’s Durability

Since ceramic coating bonds to your car’s paint, your vehicle will be more durable against potential hazards. Ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause your paint, over time, to fade. Exposure to the elements can oxidize and cause paint to “chalk” or oxidize. Any scratches and swirl marks from wiping dirt or road debris will affect the ceramic coating first. The ceramic coating helps to take the brunt of very minor imperfections, though it is not recommended as an impact protection product, this is what paint protection film is for. Harmful chemicals and grime bead up easier and glide off your paint to keep your car in great condition.

Professional Ceramic Coating Services in Atlanta

Adding a ceramic coating to your vehicle can boost the longevity of your car’s paint and the overall resale value. Atlanta Ceramic Coating and PPF provides professional ceramic coating services with a stellar customer service record from all over the city of Atlanta, even reaching out of state. Schedule an appointment to protect your car from potential damage today.

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