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Paint Protection Film

What is Paint Protection Film (PPF)?

Paint Protection Film (PFF) is a high-performance polyurethane film designed to protect your vehicle from damage. The clear coated or matte film contains special polymers that can eliminate the need for constant polishing. It is designed to protect your paint from the impact of grime, chemicals and road debris. The self-healing properties of paint protection film absorb and correct minor scratch marks to leave your car with a shiny, smooth finish.

Professional Paint Protection Film Installation Process

Paint protection film is professionally installed using a wet application. At Atlanta Ceramic Coating and PPF, our expert technicians use a computerized system that precisely cuts the film to fit the shape of your vehicle. The film is carefully positioned and air pockets are smoothed out with a squeegee. Paint protection film can be applied to any interior or exterior surface of your vehicle.

Is Paint Protection Film Worth It?

Deciding if paint protection film is worth it depends on how much you value your car’s appearance. Paint protection film helps you make cleaning and maintaining your car easier. It can increase the resale value of your car and save you time and money. Fixing your car once it is damaged can be stressful and costly. If you frequently drive on poorly maintained or graveled roadways, paint protection film is one of the best investments you can make for your vehicle.

Atlanta Paint Protection Film Services

Repairing paint damage can be expensive and time consuming. Protect your car in advance with paint protection film. At Atlanta Ceramic Coating and PPF, we provide a wide range of paint protection film services to fit your individual needs. As a certified XPEL Paint Protection Film Authorized Dealer, you can trust our knowledge and expertise to restore your car to like-new condition. Give your vehicle the best protection possible by visiting Atlanta Ceramic Coating and PPF today.