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How Long Does Ceramic Coating Last? Alpharetta, GA

How Long Does Ceramic Coating Last?

Ceramic coating is a semi-permanent barrier that can typically last for up to seven years when properly applied. Having your ceramic coated vehicle checked and maintained by professional technicians yearly can help ensure optimal results.

At Atlanta Ceramic Coating and PPF, we use the highest quality products and equipment for a long-lasting shine. Ceramic coating requires extensive knowledge and experience to guarantee the best protection. We have over a decade of experience in providing excellent customer service for Atlanta Metro residents. Our technicians are certified in ceramic coating techniques, and our shop is a proud Gtechniq Authorized Dealer.

Is Ceramic Coating Worth It?

Ceramic coating can be an excellent investment to protect your car. Paint chips and scratches can be expensive to correct. Sticky residue from tar and bird droppings are hard to wash off without damaging the paint. Without ceramic coating, your car is vulnerable to fading and rusting from sun exposure and seasonal elements. Ceramic coating helps prevent expensive repairs and boosts its resale and trade-in value.

The coating is safe for your paint and can be easily removed without harm to your vehicle. The product is backed by a manufacturer warranty for up to 10 years. Several packages are available to provide the custom coverage you need. You can apply ceramic coating to both the interior and exterior surfaces of your car to make cleaning a breeze.

High-Performance Ceramic Coating Services

Ceramic coating is cost effective and can offer superior protection for years. Atlanta Ceramic Coating and PPF provides high-performance ceramic coating services with an excellent customer service track record. Your vehicle can look just as good as the day you first bought it. Your car will receive individualized attention and be treated with the highest quality products in the industry. Protect your car by scheduling an appointment today.